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"I do not know where I learned it."

Translation:Ich weiß nicht, wo ich es gelernt habe.

March 19, 2013



Does "wo ich das gelernt habe" mean something different? If yes, what is the difference?


Small difference (in this sentence):
...wo ich es gelernt habe - ...where I learned it.
...wo ich das gelernt habe - ...where I learned that


I'd say "wo ich das gelernt habe" is more colloquial/spoken language, whereas "wo ich es gelernt habe" is mor formal language.


It is not so much about formal versus informal language, but about translating the pronoun as closely as possibly while preserving a natural sounding sentence. It is just as natural sounding to say "...where I learned it" or "...where I learned that". Note that "that" is demonstrative pronoun, it is rather pointing at an object that might be present.

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