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Can't get offline mode on iPhone 5S version

Hi, I've had Duolingo a while and love it. Suggested it to my wife who downloaded it and on her phone she can see a 'download for offline version' whereas I can't see that at all.

I've deleted the app and reloaded it, but no luck...I still can't see the icon to download for offline learning.

Any chance someone can help me?

April 14, 2014



on my phone (4s) some lessons are downloaded automatically - if you switch of your internet does it show you some lessons in full color (the way they normally look) and the rest are faded? This is the offline version for me.


They are going to release a new version on 24 April (I think) and they usually test out new functions on half of the users before releasing the new app. Perhaps this is what is happening. If that is the case then you will automatically get the update when it is released.

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