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native french speaker looking for native english speaker

hello! i'am a native french speaker who are looking for a native english speaker to help each other with more practice, please just follow me and i'll follow you back.

thank you )))

January 28, 2018



G'day everyone. Please take care on the internet. We are global community. Please take time to read :

and also:
Internet safety practices

Especially issues such as :
"Think before you share We care about your safety. .... "

Sharing of Email contacts is not permitted in our environment due to this issue of safety.

I am now also writing up a report about this issue.

Please,do be aware that how we behave has an influence also how others in our community behave.

Wishing you all , each and every one of you , all the best with your language learning.
And that you also, each one , choose to make this a safe and welcoming environment for all of us to share, regardless of age, regardless of other issues. That our focus as a community remains on keeping not just us safe, but that we lead by example, to make this a safe place for even the most vulnerable of us to feel safe to learn a language.


thanks for your advices)))


thank you, how can i do to contact you?


hello! i'm ready for start tell me just how i can contact you


do you need help with English ?


I am would like to help as well


thanks, how i can do to contact you ?


I emailed you. I though there was a way to talk on Duolingo but I guess not :/


sorry that was confusing I meant thought


i respond to your email already, i waiting for your respond


Yes! I speak English!


Clearly you're overflowing with help already, but if you need any more, just let me know.


hi, can you write me please by my mail until I have not found somenone yet. thanks

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