"I think the coffee there is the best."


January 28, 2018

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The sentence only mentions the noun "coffee" . Does the Chinese conge 喝 meen drink ? If so should the English translation be , " I think drinking the coffee there is the best .


in Chinese, when we say 我觉得(i think)A(place)的_B(food/drink)最好(the best)_C we usually add a verb at C to finish the sentence. like 最好喝 or 最好吃(eat)


In this case, 好喝 is a term together meaning tasty or delicious (of a drink). Since in English we often use "good" to mean delicious, this is a perfectly acceptable translation and probably the most natural one as far as the English is concerned.


Use what 'here3gali' said and think of it like this:
好喝 means - good drink (used when talking about something you drink
好吃 means - good eating (used when talking about something you eat
You need to use the appropriate verb at the end. That is how I finally started getting the answers correct.

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