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New Learner!

so i've just started learning Korean as i'm fascinated by the culture and language,i hope you can help me out ! oh and if you are learning English from Korean i could probably help you out too !

January 28, 2018



Good luck on your journey, fee free to ask any language related questions to the community :)


Cool. I'm in Taekwondo, which is basically Korean martial arts. I could probably help you with some of the terminology that I'm learning. By the way, I'm a new learner, too. :3


P.S: Way to go! A lingot for you! ;)


Hi, I'm a beginner too. It's really difficult for me... the alphabets! I hope I can make it...


I just started Korean on here. I have been doing Rosette Stone for about 2 months.


awesome! good luck! :-)


I’m also I some what new learner. I’m really struggling with even just common words. I hope I can eventually get it! The only reason I started learning Korean was all because of BTS. (k-pop) I’m open to help, but I might not be the best teacher... >~<


good luck! (though it had been a long time since u posted this discussion) i could help you if you want since im native korean i hope you master it!!

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