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Issues with Timed Practice

I have recently noticed that, on Duolingo, timed practice is only giving me 17-18 questions instead of the full 20. Should that be happening? Also, a lot of the questions are identical. The timed practice is getting quite repetitive and it's getting annoying. I would really appreciate if Duolingo fixes that, along with any other issues people may have. Thanks in advance! :D

January 28, 2018



how do you even find the timed practice? :)


Go to the store (i.e. on the web version click on the upper right corner, on the lingots) and there you'll find the timed practice for purchase - if memory serves, it was 5 or 10 lingots.


Does it do this for all lessons or just for some? I have the same thing, but it's only for certain lessons. I always figured it's probably something to do with the lessons themselves - as in the algorithm thinks that you only need to reinforce certain parts of the lesson, not all of it, hence the lower number of questions. You are right, though, it is annoying to do the same sentence over and over in the same lesson.

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