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Help call for a sentence

Guys, may i ask you what is the difference between "Meine Frau hat mir errinern dass ...." and "Meine Frau errinert mich daran dass ...." I wonder if both senrences are correct. If they aren't, could you explain why.By the way i was searching a response for this sentence: "My wife reminds me that ..."

January 28, 2018



The first one is wrong (you may specify what you mean "hat mich daran erinnert, dass"? that's past - erinnern never takes a dative but you could expand it to 'Meine Frau hat mir versprochen mich daran zu erinnern, dass') the second is right, except the missing comma and n.


The 1st one should be "Meine Frau hat mich (daran) erinnert, dass"... The 2nd one is correct, except it's spelled "erinnert". The difference between those two is the tense. The 1st is past perfect, the 2nd present tense. So if you wanted to say "my wife reminds me that... ", you'd also have to use the present tense in German.

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