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I finished my German Tree! :D What now?

i just finished my German tree after almost a year, any advice on what I should do now? I'll keep reviewing, but even after all this time I don't think I could hold my own in a conversation in German.

Any advice on what you guys use?

January 28, 2018



Congratulations! I would recommend doing the reverse tree, English from German.

Some resources that I use to help with my German are:


Thank you, I'll try these out :D

[deactivated user]

    even after all this time I don't think I could hold my own in a conversation in German.

    That's only natural, doing the Duolingo tree alone doesn't guarantee you the ability to hold a proper conversation in German.

    Besides the tools Maughanster provided give a go at the stories in the labs tab. Lots of new vocabulary there in what ends up being an interesting challenge.


    Well that makes me feel better about it, thank you


    Hi, Marie the Great! Whow- annother golden tree- and it's you, who has managed it- congratulations !! Now you have some possibilities: - keep the skills golden...and not always easy but many same questions, you've already learnt - have a good memory - and patience ! - go on to exercise - there are 25 levels ro reach... can be a hard work, new words and sen- tences , more XP and lingots and : your fluency is going better nd better... - you can, by now try the so named "reverse tree" : English - for Germans ?! I'm sure, by the way, there are many other users in this discussion channel with good ideas and helpfull links ! Last bot least, you can try to write your posts in "German" in this Channel Let's go, i wish you fun, time and patience ... learnig by Duo !


    Well done and Congrats! I also recommend the reverse tree as the next step. I did this after finishing my German tree and found it to be very helpful.


    I'm thinking about looking online for some children's books in German after I have mastered all of the Duolingo exercises. After the children's books, I'll probably try some young adult books in German, and then sort of go from there. I hope to make some German speaking friends too. My next door neighbor speaks German, He's from Switzerland and he recommends trying to read some books in German.


    I liked the "Dino lernt Deutsch" series... Got it on Amazon. 8 books for $20, if you buy the collections. Definitely worth it for me! They start out really easy (barely more difficult than reading English) but introduce more vocab over the course of the series. Now I'm reading the "Krimi in Berlin" series, but it's a bit beyond my level and I have to look up a lot of words/grammatical constructions.

    I also like Babbel, though you have to pay for it. I got a year for the price of 6 months because I was a new user. It has a LOT of vocabulary to study, and it goes over grammatical constructions that Duolingo doesn't cover. I knew most of the material from the beginners' courses, but it introduced enough new material (including more conversational exercises) that I didn't get bored. And it reinforced a lot of the things I already knew.


    Thank you, I'll check those books out


    This is perfect! Thank you so much!


    You might try studying French from German. I find this helpful.


    I was thinking of learning French next, perhaps I will learn it from a German perspective. Good idea! :D


    I completed my French tree ages ago. I am now doing German as well. Originally I did 2 German trees simultaneously, one from English, and one from French. I found the second much more challenging than what I anticipated. I now left the German from French tree a bit and first concentrate on regilding my French tree.....


    Definitely, use the Duo stories and the Readlang site with Slow German.


    I love using the Anki website to expand my vocabulary! There are sets of flashcards already made with images and native speakers saying the vocab word (or phrase) that you can download in minutes to your computer and then access them on your smart phone through the Anki app! If you are not familiar with the program, check out the tutorials on youTube.


    I'll look into it, thanks


    To compliment an app course like Duolingo, I'd recommend a more speaking-based course like the Michel Thomas Method. It will incorporate everything you've learned in Duolingo and guide you through applying it to everyday exchanges and conversations. I find the two approaches very complimentary!

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