"Doi pui beau apă."

Translation:Two chickens drink water.

January 29, 2018

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Beau recording is wrong


Hi, I thought pui is for chicken when it is meat, not for chicken when it is alive? When would you use găină vs pui?


'Pui' is used for both live animals and the meat. 'Pui' is also the translation for 'cub', for instance: 'pui de urs' - bear cub and so on. It could be any animal's infant even 'pui de om' - baby or child (human cub literally translated). If you want to talk specifically about chicks you could emphasis it this way: 'pui de gaina' - the offspring of a hen. 'Gaina' is reffered to an older female animal, I think 'hen' is the appropriate english word fot it.


The pronunciation of "beau" is awful...


Pui in Romanian can be used in english for mixed chickens(male and female) as well as chicks (baby chickens) I think


I translated "pui" as chicks but was marked wrong.


I had the same error. I guess I don't fully understand what pui means.

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