"She is like my daughter."

Translation:Elle est comme ma fille.

March 19, 2013



Why not 'C'est comme ma fille' ? Isn't elle replaced with ce because there is 'ma' like 'C'est mon frere' and not 'Il est mon frere' ?

February 5, 2014


I figured the same! Confusing..

June 11, 2014


I have the same question as at 03/01/18 - can somebody help us here please ? DL gives previous use of C'est as correct for he/she is .....

January 3, 2018


I have the same question

January 10, 2018


I do not know if what I am about to explain is the real explanation to your problem, but I think that it will be a good start to find the true answer.

The difference between the two sentences you wrote, "C'est comme ma fille." and "C'est mon frère.", is what follows the verb "être":

  1. In "C'est comme ma fille.", it is followed by a simile with the subject in the first sentence, so you do not really know to who is refering the subject (in other words, who is the person being compared to one's daughter?). Thus, you have to precise to who the subject is refering by using the feminine personal pronoun "Elle". Therefore, you should write "Elle est comme ma fille." instead of "C'est comme ma fille."

  2. In "C'est mon frère.", the verb "être" is followed by an article and a noun defining what the subject is, so you know that the personal pronoun is refering to "mon frère". Therefore, you do not have to use a precise personal pronoun because it is said right after the verb that the subject is "mon frère". Then, you can make the sentence simpler by only using a "C' " and write "C'est mon frère." instead of "Il est mon frère."

I hope that my explanation was clear enough and helped you. If not, feel free to ask me to rephrase it. It was difficult even for me to find a difference, so I will not be offended if it did not explain it correcly enough :)

July 13, 2018


Why not " elle ressemble ma fille" ?

September 13, 2013


That would mean "she looks like my daughter"
comme could mean to be similar in looks, behaviour; or as one would say "I treat/consider her as/like my own daughter"

June 13, 2014


Duo accepts "elle ressemble à ma fille"

November 10, 2017


Is this correct? "Elle aime ma fille."

March 19, 2013


No. To be like somethin/someone means to resemble, to be alike. In this case, it means that the person it is about looks/acts the samed as the daughter.

March 19, 2013


Ah! I misunderstood the sentence! Thank you.

March 19, 2013


Can someone please explain why 'Elle est même ma fille.' is not correct?

October 21, 2016


What you typed directly translates to "she is same my daughter". You could say she is the same as my daughter, or she is similar to my daughter, but what you have typed is not grammatically correct.

July 12, 2018


Elle est ma fille. = She is my daughter.

Elle est comme ma fille. = She is like my daughter. ( she is not my daughter but I treat her like my daughter)

July 31, 2018


Why can not use mon instead of ma

March 1, 2018


Fille is a feminine word therefore, you would have to use "ma" since, "mon" is used for masculine words

June 19, 2018


what's the difference of use between «telle» and «comme»?

February 2, 2019
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