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  5. "我的手比你的大。"


Translation:My hands are bigger than yours.

January 29, 2018



quote by donald trump


I knew there would be a dig at Trump in here and was not disappointed!


My hands are larger than yours should be accepted


Neither is "my hand is larger than yours", but should be accepted.


Exactly. They need to fix the system. Pissing me off hardcore.


My hands are larger than yours. = Accepted.: 23 feb. 2020.


I am not getting the Chinese characters! I find the correct characters and put them in. Says I'm wrong.


I can't believe I have gone through all these Chinese lessons and still not written a comment complaining about the lack of answer alternatives! I'm happy that you can finally learn Chinese using Duolingo, but it sucks... Chinese Duolingo is literally the only thing in my day to day life that annoys me. Like on this question, why isn't " I have bigger hands than you" accepted?


There is no verb "have" (有) in this sentence.


It's about translating the sentence from Chinese to English, not about finding some English sentence that means roughly the same (or do you think that "Your hands are smaller than mine" should be accepted too?). The object of the original sentence is 我的手, not 我. It's not about what I have (我有。。。), but about a quality my hands have (我的手。。。). Your translation is unacceptable because it is wrong.


That's the problem with all users here..

They just want "roughly meaningful sentences" of their creation to be accepted, instead of writing according to their correct translation of words.


good reply from Bluthund

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My hand is bigger than your hand .... not accepted. Since a person's hands are usually of the same size, I think that the singular also stands for the plural.


"My hand is bigger than yours" is accepted, so I think it's a matter of having "hand" twice or once in the sentence.

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