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To improve my listening skills


Will watching my favorite TV series(Rick and Morty) in German can help me in improving my listening ability ?

Also, I know the context even if I can't understand anything.

Thanks, Prim

January 29, 2018



I watch Big Bang Theory in German. I have it with both language options. So, watch a scene in German, not really too sure of what's happening or what they said. Watch again in English. Ahhhh okayyyyy... Then watch in German again. And repeat

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Watching familiar movies helps most people. Rick and Morty seems light enough but each person is different when it comes to learning a foreign language. Some people, like me, love subtitles (any known language is better than nothing)... Heavy and/or complex dialogue might be tough though... If you don't make enough progress, you may want to consider lighter dialogue (action based) and/or lower level children cartoons (as in 5-7 year olds level)...

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