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"In the last year, the taxes were very high!"

Translation:În ultimul an, impozitele au fost foarte mari!

January 29, 2018



Doesn't accept în anul trecut, and it should in my opinion. Ultimul has a sense of finality about it, where i think this is trying to convey a sense of the 12 months that have just passed


DL marks this answer wrong: În anul trecută, impozitele au fost foarte mari. Any reason I can't say: În anul trecută?

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"an" is a masculine noun: UN an - DOI ani

  • anul trecut - anii trecuți | ultimul an - ultimii ani

"lună" is a feminine noun: O lună - DOUĂ luni

  • luna trecută - lunile trecute | ultima lună - ultimele luni

"secol" is a neuter noun: UN secol - DOUĂ secole

  • secolul trecut - secolele trecute | ultimul secol - ultimele secole


Ah, of course! Homer Simpson face palm! Thanks!


For the record, it also doesn't accept "În anul trecut", which I believe it should


For any students of English here, there's a difference between "last year" and "the !ast year", and the tenses we use with them:

"Last year, the taxes were very high"
("last year" = Jan - Dec of the previous year, we use Past Simple)

"In the last year, the taxes have been very high"
("the last year" = 12 months till now, we use Present Perfect)

Unfortunately, DL's sentence mixes the two

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