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Can multiple users sign in to same account simultaneously to practice a skill?

Hi all. I am a language teacher and love Duolingo in my classroom. However, one problem I'm encountering is that sometimes I'd like my students to do a specific section, but the sequencing in Duolingo is different than mine and consequently, the students cannot get to the skill because it is above their level.

Is there a way that I can have all my students log in to my account simultaneously to access the skill to practice? Or better yet, is there a way I can assign the skill to them and they can each access it on their own accounts?

Danke im Voraus! Emily Combs

January 29, 2018



I don't think it's possible, neither one of those methods makes much sense with Duolingo's teaching method. The lessons are ordered so that the students are expected to know the previous lessons, their vocabulary and grammar. If it was possible to jump ahead, they might suddenly encounter words and structures they haven't learned yet - you might have taught it to your class outside Duolingo, but Duolingo doesn't know that.

Using the same account for more people would mess up other things. When you practise, Duolingo selects those words and sentences you are likely to forget soon. This won't work if more people share the same account.


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Pentaan, the article you put a link to was a really good answer to the question; the question made me curious.

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