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Taking notes

Hey guys,

I have started with the French course pretty recently and have been enjoying the language. I am reading a lot of text online to work on my pronounciation.

I have recently just finished with Verbes (Être / Avoir) and I realized that the way I am using Duolingo is completely wrong. I do most of my homework online. Do you guys suggest any method of keeping on practicing French offline with maybe some sort of notes or vocabulary memorisation or something?

The problem I have noticed is that now if someone says a very basic sentence (for example: Ils ont un cheval) I won't figure out what they mean until I read the actual sentence. My habit is becoming more of a visual translation rather than a mental one and I want to work on it asap. Is there some sort of journal you write into? How do you balance between speaking, writing and reading?

I would really appreciate any sort of advice on how you practice and what are the steps you take for so. Please do keep in mind that I am still at a very early stage of the language and that my dictionary is still pretty small.

January 29, 2018

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I too noticed that I could do well at reading , but not so well at listening. So I taped a piece of an index card over the sentence , so I had to rely on the audio. This helped me a lot.

DuoLingo Stories were not around for my first 15 months. They have been a great help to me since they started them for French.

I keep a notepad open on my PC when working on my French. Anything I don't understand , but get an answer to , goes in there. It's searchable and divided by the sections of the tree. I review a section before doing the exercises.

DL is a great start , but it needs to be balanced with listening and speaking (out loud) .

There are many great listening resources on YouTube. Also , users post a lot of great links throughout the forums.

Bonne chance!

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