"De soldaat rent over de muur heen."

Translation:The soldier runs over the wall.

9 months ago


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As I'm not native English speaking, I have a doubt here... Does this mean the soldier "jumps" the wall or that the soldier runs along the wall, on top of it? Or even something else I don't quite understand?

9 months ago

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Good question. It could mean that the soldier run towards a wall and then jumps over it. When I did a Google image search for "running over a wall" it mostly showed people jumping over a wall. However, it could also mean running on top of a wide wall, like the Great Chinese Wall, which is wide enough to do so.

9 months ago


Would it be grammatically correct to simply omit "heen" from this sentence?

3 months ago


I don't think you can do that. "overheen" is a preposition in Dutch, and they must always be used together

1 month ago
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