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"The women are taking care of her."

Translation:Starají se o ni ty ženy.

January 29, 2018



I understand one reason why my answer was wrong (conjugation!), but still the correct answer surprised me.

Starají se o ni ty ženy

What purpose does 'ty' serve in this sentence? Would "Starají se o ni ženy" also be correct?

I can try it, of course, when it gets re-served to me, but I'd like to understand what 'ty' does here. Thanks.


I do not understand, what you mean by conjugation here, conjugation deals with verbs.

The serves similar porpose as the THE in "the women".

But "Starají se o ní ženy." is also correct, provided it is clear, who is "ženy". Meaning the female part of our group or something like that.

Without the right context, "Starají se o ni ženy." would be just something like "Women are taking care of her." (some women).


When is it "ni" or "ní" ?


Vlada, you have made a mistake here. In the last Czech sentence it has to be "o ni" , not "o ní" (accusative).


Zeny se staraji o ni. Is that a correct answer?


I just got this wrong with "o ni se starají ty ženy." I thought it was okay, with "se" following "o ni" (first unit of meaning?), but I must be missing something. Can someone please tell me what's wrong? (I've reported it, in case it's just a missing alternative.)


It was just missing, I added it. It stresses ty ženy as opposed to someone else who might taking care of some other person.


i wrote "ženy se starají o ji" Why is it wrong? I though you should use JI WITH preposition and NI WITHOUT. in this case there is a preposition - o - and it was marked wrong


It should be "ni" after a preposition. If you're not already doing this, it can be helpful to keep the main page for a lesson open in a second tab, so you have the Tips and Notes right there to refer to when you have a question.

Unfortunately, not every "skill" currently has a Tips and Notes section (I'm hoping more will appear as the Czech module moves through beta), but when they're there, I think they're very good. Good luck!


Such a rule does not exist. Quite the opposite.


Can you not say 'ty steny se o ni staraji


ženy, not steny or stěny or what you might have tried


Is zeny staraji se o ni a possible answer?


No, the second position rule for se.


Ok i must have done something else wrong leading to my last post as my next try was OK. I understand mr Bass's comment once that screen shots should be used but I still do not know how to use them. Once again i thank you guys for all your hard work and all free and gratis.


Screen shots are great, but not essential. It's perfectly okay to just copy your actual answer from the "exercise" page and paste it right into the comment. (Just make sure you don't click Continue first, though!)


Correct answer is O ní se starají ty ženy. or Ty ženy se o ní starají. The answer "Starají se o ni ty ženy." is not Czech. There is wrong SWOMPT.


There is no SWOMPT in Czech, "Starají se o ni ty ženy." is a perfectly cromulent Czech sentence.


Snad jde o porozumění.. . Je to přijatelný překlad , ale v češtině se takto nemluví.


To se teda zajisté mluví. Kdo se ni stará? Starají se o ni ty ženy.

Jak jinak by se to mělo vyjádřit?


Also, "o ní" is clearly wrong. The only correct form is "o ni".

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