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Problems with German in Duolingo.

I have been learning two other languages on Duolingo and have just started German. I have already hit two problems with German, and I do not know why the second one I list occurs or how to resolve it.

The first problem I encountered was with a sentence I had to translate. After you have translated a sentence on Duolingo you have two options: (1) Report or (2) Discuss. I went to discuss a sentence and the Discussion had been locked. Why is this done? It creates a problem for a new learner because they have no opportunity to discuss that particular sentence.

My second problem is that I have tried to progress one step further with German. I have completed the first topic, "Basics 1". Today, I clicked on the next topic, which is "The". When I click on "The" I am taken to there is only one lesson in "The". If I click 'Start' I get taken back to the screen where I have to click on 'Start' for Lesson 1 in "The", but not to the lesson itself. What might the problem be? How do I resolve it?

January 29, 2018



Sympathy Lingot because it's probably broken. Maybe if you restart the browser, X out some tabs, restart the computer etc. it'll work?


i don't know why that might happen, but do you have the option to "test out" or "strengthen?" That might get you past "The". Are you sure you finished "basics"? As for the locked discussions, i agree it can be a pain. Hopefully, by the time you read this, you will have sailed on to the next level....


I've definitely finished Basics; however, it shouldn't matter. In other languages I've done other topics in different orders. I think it's only within a particular topic where you must do the lessons in order.

I don't know if you can "strengthen" if you haven't attempted the topic previously.

For me, in German, there's no point testing out. I'm certain to do badly. I'm approaching German ab initio.


i know what you're saying, i just thought it might bypass the start problem. The test out questions tend to be repetitive, so by by having 2 or 3 attempts, and with a bit of help from google translate, you should be able to get through. Good luck.


Same thing's been happening with me. I've got a friend from Germany and I've been planning on learning German to surprise them, but now it's not working. Maybe it's just a glitch that'll be fixed, so long as more people hear about it.


That would be a nice surprise for your friend. Are you having general problems with German? I have only had it with the topic "The" and only with that topic's only lesson. Because I am a complete novice in German I have been repeating the first few topics and I have now found the problem is actually intermittent, so perhaps if you were to try again you might be lucky.


I just started trying to learn German as well, and i have the exact same problem. I tried testing out, but I have very little fluency in German, so this lesson is a bit hard to test out, and it seems quite vital.


Instead of trying Test Out do the Strengthen - they are different.

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