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  5. "我不了解这里的文化。"


Translation:I don't understand the culture here.

January 29, 2018



So... 懂,明白,了解

What's the difference?


I got the same question.


It's in the usage, for example:

懂不懂?明不明白? 懂吗?明白吗? = Do you understand?

了解 is more intellectual and factual, or for something that is not related to emotions.


This is the exact answer I gave, but was marked down. What the heck ?


Is Duolingo really reading 了 as "liao" or it's just my imagination???


Some characters can be pronounced different ways in different contexts. For example, in the word 觉得, the character 觉 is pronounced "jué"...but in the word 睡觉, it's pronounced "jiào"


了解 is indeed pronounced liǎojiě


Yes, it's an example of a 多音多义字 (characters with more than one pronunciation and with distinct meaning(s) for each of them).

A common example is 好, pronounced hao3 for good and hao4 for interest, tendency, hobby e.g. 好孩子,勤奋好学乖巧 where the first is hao3 and the second, hao4.

Another is 长 which is pronounced chang2 for long, length and zhang3 for eldest, growth (etc.).


It means 'understand' when written like that. It is explained when you open the lesson (on computer) if you click on the little light globe icon. Something I did not know about for some time when I started this course.


"I don't know the culture here" which it says is wrong, then say's I should written "I don't know the culture here".... Yay.


The local culture?


Technically, one would add the word “local” here if they want to include that. Not in the sentence. 道地


Why is the word Hong a suggestion here? Purposely being divisive?


It seems to me that there a two people working on putting these lessons together. Some lessons are really long and full of characters (and often more difficult), and others are much more shorter lessons with fewer characters. This lesson has three parts in the first level you encounter, while the last lesson one had only two.

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