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Weird Sentences

I have noticed the sentences in "strenghten skills" are becoming very strange. Eg. "Duo steals the penguin's suit". Were I to say this to someone in Berlin, They'd think I was a spy or more likely a nut case.

January 29, 2018



It's just supposed to be funny.


Well, in basic Danish ducks do read newspapers, bears drink coffee, things like that. I had expected some more utilitarian in advanced German. Das Haustier des Mannes ist eine Biene is rather amusing.


Chickens get elected for prime minister in the Norwegian course, and dogs fly and frogs do the dishes in the Korean course.


I can offer...

Actually, my father is a bird. (High Valyrian)

My generation does not eat fish. (French)

...and the infamous Dutch course:

I'm doing fine because I have a duck.

The old man told me about his relationship with a tulip.

Yes, I send the galaxy by mail.

Do you see all those little mice?

...to quote just a few.

[deactivated user]

    Do you see all those little mice?

    This one seems relatively tame compared with the others.

    The others in turn were probably written at the table of one of those very particular coffeeshops in Amsterdam.


    Yes, it's relatively tame, but it reminds me so much of that stereotypical way to indicate hallucinations. Little white mice everywhere.

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    Hat nicht jeder eine Haustier Biene?

    [deactivated user]

      Das Haustier des Mannes ist eine Biene

      I'm still to catch that one.

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      Ist das deutscher Humor?


      No. There's no such thing. :P

      (Deutschen Humor gibt es nur im Märchen.)

      [deactivated user]

        We just had a similar topic a couple days ago but it's always funny to revisit wacky and quirky sentences from the German (and others) course:

        I'm partial to "Senioren springen aus dem Fenster." and "Der Junge isst dreiundzwanzig Käfer." or even "Dieser Vegetarier mag mich nicht."

        I also think their choice to mix body parts and colours a bit questionable.


        I find the "Duo" type of sentence irritating rather than amusing or clever. If Duolingo wants to increase their user base to appeal to youngsters up to ages 10-12 perhaps they need to consider initiating a separate program strand. I find too many phrases and sentences in German, French, Spanish, and Italian which I want to circle in red and note with "Rewrite!"

        [deactivated user]

          This one might come our way soon... it was just introduced in the sentences tab:


          The translator draw a blank...

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