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  5. They do not like water


They do not like water

The phrase to translate was "they do not like water" and I typed it out: Sie mögen nicht Wasser and what they were looking for Wasser mögen sie nicht. This is backwards from how I understood a lot of things. Does word order matter in this sentence? Does it stress anything different if Wasser is the first word? Is nicht even correct? Should it have been Sie mörgen kein Wasser?

I'm having a hard time with nicht and kein..

January 29, 2018



Sie mögen kein Wasser. Wasser mögen sie nicht. Sie mögen Wasser nicht. Most common of these is Sie mögen kein Wasser. For kein just inflect ein and then put a k in front of the ein.

You can not put the nicht infront of the object.


Sentence discussion here:


As someone wrote: You can say either "Sie mögen Wasser nicht" or "Wasser mögen Sie nicht".

I would also try Sie mögen kein Wasser.


yeah i can't open the discussion on translations when I use the iPad app (unless I'm missing something) and didn't know how to find it otherwise.. I figured this had been brought up already


There are 3 questions hidden here:

When to use nicht or kein, https://www.fluentu.com/blog/german/german-negation/

Where to place nicht in a sentence.

Word order: Wasser can be moved to the front, this puts more emphasis on water.

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