"Matěj často spí v kanceláři."

Translation:Matěj often sleeps at the office.

January 29, 2018

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Matej sleeps often at the office should als be correct ?!


If M's employer provided sleeping accommodation (e.g. in the case of late working), I would use AT. On the other hand if M. was frequently found dozing at his desk during the day, I would use IN.


"Matěj often sleeps in an office" was rejected (January 29th, 2018).


In an office? He travels from an office to another office?


The lack of definite/indefinite articles makes me think of all possible contexts... It could be a homeless person finding his way into a different office every night. I still think it's ambiguous but obviously "the" must come to mind first, I suppose.

I miss articles : (


I would really expect "nějaké kanceláři" then.


"Matej often sleeps at HIS office" was not accepted. Elsewhere in this very same chapter is said that often the possessive pronoun is omitted, and marked as an error when translated in czech ( our garden to be translated as zahradě ). Why is not the same for the office?


I have added versions with "his office".

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