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German is Frozen

I reached the 54% affluent in German and now there is a big gold owl on my screen and I can't go any further. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

January 29, 2018



This is not a problem -- You have finished your tree! :-) Congratulations -- you have conquered all the lessons.

Now you only have to strengthen all the skills, and this will lead you up to level 25. All the while, the little owl will remain at the foot of your tree. ...

In order to remove the owl from your screen, I think you have to click a cross in the corner, to close that view. Then you can see your language tree again, and a much smaller version of the owl will be sitting there.


You completed the course! The best you can do now is practice, and find things to do outside of Duolingo. You can’t get fluent on Duolingo alone - even the fluency badge knows that.


Thanks to everyone that left a comment.


Also you can continuo with Duolingo stories there are 20 available in German :)

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