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  5. "我们会跟你联系。"


Translation:We will contact you.

January 29, 2018



"We will be in touch with you." should be accepted.


Or "We will get in touch with you".


Bit more colloquial, but I agree.


"聯係" is translated as "keep in touch" in another exercise in this lesson, so it seems reasonable to accept "We will keep in touch with you." Unfortunately, that answer is rejected.


I think the "keeping" part comes from 保持。 That's why I think 保持联系 should be: keep in touch and 会。。。。。。联系: get in touch

Oops, there is also this sentence:
"希望我们以后多联系。 "
Translation: I hope we keep in touch more often in the future.
I think the English translation doesn't really work well and I do see a difference to this sentence because "我们会跟你联系。 " seems to be about them establishing contact. But you're right Duolingo translates "聯係" as "keep in touch" in that sentence.


Keep in touch “保持”聯繫/聯絡

Contact 聯繫/聯絡

In Chinese, keep means 保持, usually when we say 保持聯繫, we translate to keep in touch. Though, I don't see very much different between them in Chinese, maybe in English they are different. So, in this example, I tend to use contact.


It is reasonable, but I agree with FuCnSW as well.

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