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Increase and decrease the fluency

My fluency since 3 months has been fixed at %68. I wonder why it has not increased although I have studied during these 3 months every day? What is the problem?

January 29, 2018



Many people here -- myself included -- think that the fluency indication is very incorrect. I just ignore it.

A value around 60 % is already very good. You cannot achieve 100 %, as far as I know. As I said, I ignore this indication, and I go by my own assessment, the golden status of my skills, and the number of mistakes I make when doing the lessons.


I finished my German tree several months ago at 66% and have kept my tree golden every day. During that time, my fluency has remained at 66% until two days ago when it suddenly went up to 68%. In my opinion, the fluency level is unpredictable and inaccurate.


Fluency meter is meaningless. You can be 100% (if it were possible), and you still don't know how to do anything in it.


My fluency % in French has been fluctuating, from 67% to 68%, then back to 67% and again to 68%. Today it has fallen again, to 67% . like you, I study every day, usually adding at least 100XP. I, also, wonder what can be the problem. How can we make Duo aware of this?

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