the meaning of "같아"?

for example: "다른 세상 사람 같아" can't you easily use "다른 세상 사람" without the "같아"? explanation, please!

January 29, 2018


다른 세상 사람= alien 다른 세상 사람 같아 (he is/she is/it is/you are/I am) like an alien

January 29, 2018

thank you!

February 3, 2018

In Naver Dictionary 같다 (the basic form of 같아) translates as follows:

①same,identical, equal, equivalent, common

②similar, like, alike

So basically what niskiqwun already said: in this case it means "to be like something". Meaning that without it the sentence would not only lack the word "like" but also the verb "to be" that makes it a sentence in the first place. What is left is just a noun.

January 30, 2018

thank you

February 3, 2018

다른 = different

세상 = world

사람 =person

다른 세상 사람 = person from the different world

같아 = like

그들은 다른 세상 사람 같아 = They are like people from the different world.

Hope you pay extra attention in familiarizing yourself with expressions such as 같아, 같아요, 같다 since they are used extremely frequently in daily conversations as well as songs. :D

FYI, there seems to be an army of Spanish native speakers uploading various contents on youtube with both Korean romanization and Spanish subtitles. Hope you also take advantage of such to get your ears used to the various pronunciations.

January 30, 2018
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