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  5. "I did not know her at all."

"I did not know her at all."

Translation:Vůbec jsem ji neznal.

January 29, 2018



the answer to the question (not above in the discussion) is given as "Jí jsem vůbec neznal" which is WRONG since it uses jí instead of ji.


Well, yes it is wrong, but it is a kind of error even natives frequently make. No need to shout WRONG. In spoken Czech it is often mixed up.


Why is "Vůbec jsem neznal ji." wrong? does ji also have to be in the 2nd position for some reason? Or is it the good-old classic that it just sounds weird? :)


Ji is an inconstant clitic, it can also appear in the strong position when stressed. It does sound quite strange to stress it here and making it the focus. Starting the sentence with "ji" sounds much better.

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