il faut..

a erase with "il faut.." had to be translated with "you have to..." whereas "one has to.." was considered wrong. Do we agree?

July 2, 2012


I agree, "you have to" isn't a great translation of "Il faut". "It is necessary to" is probably the most fluent translation that preserves the underlying meaning, "One has to" is technically correct but it's old-fashioned and isn't widely used in modern English.

Another aspect to milneyj's answer: "you have to" = "tu dois" (= you must) or a bit softer : "tu devrais" (conditional form, is stronger than "il faut...", more directive than 'il faut' (=it is necessary to).

Thank you, yes I know there are different connotations. "Il faut" is a général, perhaps even moral must "tu dois" is more an order someone gives 'tu devrais' is the same but very polite. (It is not a suggestion, but an over)

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