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Level 9 - onwards French

Hi I have tested out of Level 8 French...cannot find the next levels on the website...please advise....merci!

January 29, 2018



If you completed the French language tree you've "reached the end." From this point onward all that you do is practice all the lessons in all the topics that have already covered until every topic REMAINS Gold - which requires about 30,000 XP (extra points) per language. Duolingo assumes that everyone is a new learner in whatever language has been selected. If you let some time go by without clicking on French you'll notice that topics 'lose' their gold medallion because the program believes you need to strengthen skills by revisiting them. Gradually, the 'strength' indicator below each topic keeps decreasing to the point where you might as well not even have studied it in the first place. I completed the German, French, and Spanish trees within the same eight-week period. But, that was due to the fact that I had had considerable experience beforehand in each language. I never completed individual lessons in any topic in any of those languages -- I simply tested out of each topic. I clicked on Spanish yesterday and the strength indicator showed that I should practice introductory language such as Good morning, Thank you, Good night, etc. I don't feel a need to do that. If you are very confident of your abilities in French, just let it go and concentrate on gaining skills in another language.


Do you mean skills? :)


Levels are determined by how much XP you do per language. If you want to reach max level (25), you have to do 30000 XP for that language.


One more note on that, duo lingo does assume you are a beginner. But at certain exp points you will get more vocab and phrases. So don't think that at lev 8, 12 or even 20 that you have received all the course has to offer. Bonne Chance :)

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