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  5. "The dog sees a fox."

"The dog sees a fox."

Translation:Lišku vidí ten pes.

January 29, 2018

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It seems to be a mistake. Active voice (činný rod) : "The subject" sees "an object" or another "subject". The dog sees a fox should be "Ten pes vidí lišku" Pasive voice (trpný rod): "object" or "another subject" has been seen by "the subject". The dog has been seen by a fox should be "Liška je viděna psem"


There is no mistake here. Do not complicate the stuff with the passive voice, it just does not belong here, both sentences are active.

The Czech word order is flexible and it does not change the main meaning (what is subject, what is object), only the emphasis or comment/topic.


By the way - if there actually WERE a passive voice here ("A fox is seen by the dog" as I assume), would it be like ""Liška je viděna přes psa?". Just asking.


má být Ten pes vidí lišku


Obě varianty jsou správné a akceptované.


I was first confused by this but then I noticed the word endings and it makes total sense, it's just that in Czech you can change the word order. If it was "the fox sees a dog" it would have been "Liška vidí psa".


How about "Ten pes vidis lisku." ?


It must be vidí, not vidíš.


I feel like this is confusing as we havnt seen the cases so far. They were underlying so far but never put on the table and that what makes it hard to grasp the answer here.


See the Tips and notes for this very skill. This is the skill that introduces the accusative case.


by clicking on the lightbulb


Discussion locked as of 16-08-20.

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