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"Jejich třetí dítě je zase děvče."

Translation:Their third child is a girl again.

January 29, 2018



Their third daughter is also a girl makes so much more sense than the implication of gender transitions of saying she's a girl again.


It should be, is also a girl and is another girl


You probably meant to write "child." But "... also a girl" and "another girl" are accepted, and have been for at least a couple of months now.


"Their third child is again a girl." Would this also be acceptable?


This is weird. It sounds like their third child was previously a girl, then became a boy for some amount of time and has now become a girl again. I doubt this is the Czech meaning.

It might make sense in a very particular way of speaking for some Brits but it requires a ver specific context. It's not correct here.


FWIW that meaning cannot be excluded from the Czech sentence.


I agree it should be "... Is again a girl" or "another girl". The main translation "their third child is a girl again" would nit be used in English, it suggests that she previously changed sex to a boy, but has now changed back to a girl. Can we at least accept "is again a girl"?


It is perfectly OK to say 'again a girl' in English. Otherwise expression is very flat and predictable.


How do you report this? This translation is still not accepted.


I'm giving it another go. Their third child is again a girl is a much clearer expression of the thought than the given translation of "Their third child is a girl again", which could imply that first she was a girl, then she had a sex change and became a boy, and now she is a girl again!

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