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Anybody in Japanese?

Hello there! I am in level 9 of Japanese learning, the application is good however, I always think of other applications to continue advancing in this language. So, does anyone know of another that serves me to complement it?

I hope this understands my English is not so good haha.

January 29, 2018



Memrise is useful for learning Japanese phrases such as kampai (cheers), so I would recommend that.


Lingodeer is quite good. But nothing can't replace learning by reading grammar references to understand Japanese better. Good examples are: nichongoichiban and Tae Kim's guide. There are also more sites I listed here.


Yes i follow a website who recommended reading the Minna no nihongo after learn the Hiragana and Katakana symbols then go to the kanjis, that's why i don't really know if this is ok or not.

I take a look on this sites you linked and i follow for any question.

Thank you.


Your English is very good ! I suck at Japanese ! I want to go to Japan some day ! And I LOVE comics ! Do you ?


Hi, i don't really read comics i go to movies or series hahah. Are you learn Spanish?


I love this website http://marugotoweb.jp/ i use it mostly for kanji. it's a bit hard to find your way around the site though, but it offers all sorts of reading, writing, listening and vocab exercises.


Seconded. There is also a separate website for iOS users, minato-jf.jp Nicely done, with grammar explanations, audio, pictures, short videos, and tests. I've been using it off and on for about six months and found it very useful.


Hello, thanks for the site that you linked for what I saw is quite complete in terms of kanji and doramas. By the way, do you use dr mokou?


I tried it when it came out and I might go back to it considering doing multiple languages at once now and getting better at spanish now


https://mangolanguages.com/available-languages/learn-japanese/ this might be helpful to practice your speaking if you have nobody to practice with


I think that the best practice for grammar is HelloTalk. People write pretty much about their daily lives so it's really neat to get all that vocab and grammar.


I also like HelloTalk to practice writing. I write a little everyday, get corrections and it helps me improve my communication skills (I can read very well, but have trouble writing/speaking).


well Japanese is hard. your Very good at English


Hahah tanks! but google is my friend to


Maxirab, Like others said, Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese has helped me a ton so far. HelloTalk was mentioned- I plan to use this app too in the future!

What is your native language? We can definitely understand you. :)

Music helps me a lot: http://pikasmart.com (sing along!)

iTalki.com is also a language exchange. You can also buy tutoring lessons from Japanese teachers too!

Good luck! がんばってね!


I just tried iTalki today. Oh boy.... it was intimidating. My tutor spoke to me pretty much only in English, and I am only on lesson three in the Genki book! Hahah! I do best when I go in over my head, anyway. I feel extra motivated now, though- especially since I already preplanned the next meeting.

Busuu is also a great site. I am trying it out now... but I will update to give my thoughts with more use. がんばんね!

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