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  5. "자동차를 탈 수 없는 남자는 슬픕니다."

"자동차를 없는 남자는 슬픕니다."

Translation:The man that cannot ride a car is sad.

January 29, 2018



'...cannot ride a car' sounds like he's going to be riding on top of the car. Perhaps it should be '... cannot drive a car' or 'the man who can't ride in the car is sad' sounds more natural, but isn't accepted


Yep I did. Just putting it here because when flagging, there isn't any way to provide extra information or a description of why you think its wrong


The man WHO cannot ride a car is sad


이 문장은 영어 원어민에게 꽨장히 어색해요. The man is sad because he cannot ride in a car. The man is sad because he cannot drive a car. ... sentences similar to these make more sense.


Drive is a different verb, so that wouldn't be correct.

Ride in a car is fine. Flag it. It may take a while to correct though because the mods are working on clearing the flags from the bottom up.


This indicates that the man cannot ride any car. I think it appropriate to say "the car" (a particular car) or "this car" because of no room, no seats, physical disability or whatever.


Can 못하고 be also used in this scenario? Since it also means cannot?


I don't think I'd personally use 못 in this case, but if I had to, I'd go with 자동차를 못 타고 있는 남자는 슬픕니다. Please correct if wrong.

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