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"The thinking employee is working slowly."

Translation:생각하는 회사원은 천천히 일하고 있어요.

January 30, 2018



i love this useful sentence


Again, why is it not 화사원이


That's a valid formation. Report it if its still marked as wrong.


The dictionary hover hint for "working" is 일하기, when the correct answer seems to be 일하고.


Duo doesnt always take the whole sentence in consideration when giving hints.

correct me if i'm wrong, but from what i've gathered: 일하기 is a Noun made up of the VS of 일하다(to work) and the ending -기(which makes it a Noun) so "the working"

In this sentence however 일하고 있어요 means "is working", which is made up again of the VS of 일하다 and -고 있다 which puts the Verb before it in the progressive tense

hope it helps


Why does it have to be "일하고 있어요"? Why not just "일해요"?


That would be "the thinking employee works slowly". 일해요 = works.
일하고 있어요 = is working.

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