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  5. "They open at 11."

"They open at 11."


January 30, 2018



Reported for not accepting "十一点他们开门."


It's a very strange English sentence. There's no the word "door".


This made me laugh.

Yes it's strange in the singular, but it's fairly common to hear "Our doors open at 10am", or "Doors close 15 to 7."


This sentence refers to an establishment opening for business (such as a restaurant that only serves lunch and dinner opening at 11am).


I was taught the subject and time could be interchanged in sentences (他们十一点 and 十一点他们 are both correct). Is that incorrect?


what is this strange character for men?? should be like that: 们 (remove the left part) Ok i can't write it correctly on their page? They use a strange font of character, feels like HK or TW one... Or maybe it's because i never type it down?


The character (traditional = 門 ,simplified = 门) means 'door, gate, opening' basically. It has other meanings, but those are the most common. It is spelled the same in PINYIN as 们. If you get a list of characters to choose from, when typing in PINYIN, it should be there.


Exactly, it might help to think of these as homophones, like bear and bare or pair and pear; 门 and 们 have nearly the same pronunciation (they do have different tones) but they have very different meanings. Also (like these) they quite often have some "structural" similarities.

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