Suggestion for Improving/Changing the Alphabet Skills


After having just tried the Japanese course, I wanted to make a suggestion to those that have the power to possibly change the course. Keep in mind this is only a suggestion, so please do not get mad at me if you do not like it haha.

Something that was done really well in the Japanese course was how they taught you the letters of the alphabet. They would show you a picture of the letter, pronounce it and ask you to choose what sound was pronounced. It was done well seeing the characters are no where similar to the Latin alphabet, so it was needed to teach you each letters. This is the same with Hebrew; the characters of the Hebrew alphabet is not similar to Latin at all in terms of design. While languages like Spanish have a similar alphabet with English, there is no need to drill each individual letter necessarily, but with Hebrew, seeing every letter is drawn differently, it would be very useful.

So, a useful addition to this course would be adding lessons where you see each letter of the alphabet pronounced and then be asked what sound it made. It is my understanding that the course does have some letters listed on their own with their pronunciation in the Hebrew course, but, I think if you look at the Japanese course, you'll see how it was implemented in a cleaner way.

I understand if no one is able to change the course, but I figured that, in case this suggestion was good, I would say something :)

January 30, 2018


Great idea! Would like to see it done. I believe the Hebrew course was made before Duolingo expanded to have the functions used in the Japanese course. Maybe it can be implemented when they make the second tree. I don't know. Some letters in Hebrew have different sounds tho, so that would be tricky.

January 30, 2018

I agree, I feel the same way about Russian. In the meantime you can use flash cards or apps like the sister app "TinyCards" .

January 30, 2018

A great idea!

January 30, 2018
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