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German A2 exam

I'll be self-studying for the A2 exams and so I'm in dire need for a descriptive syllabus. The ones I found are quite vague. Can someone please provide me one? Also, for A2 exams which level in Duolingo do I must cross?

January 30, 2018



I'd probably start with downloading all the test material from Goethe: https://www.goethe.de/en/spr/kup/prf/prf/sd2/ub2.html ... though it's not a syllabus, it does give you a feel for the exam. I'll also second the Menschen A2 books since they were very good both in terms of vocab coverage as well as the grammar.

Regarding Duo, I'd want to be almost done with my tree before taking A2 and even then you're going to need a bunch more resources for expanded vocabulary and listening. Also, if at all possible, try to get an online tandem to practice speaking since that's a bit part of the test (at least for B1).


I'd recommend buying a Kursbuch (course book) and Arbeitsbuch (workbook) for one of the two series of books that are most often used in the official Goethe Institut courses that train for their official exams. Look into Menschen A2 and/or Netzwerk A2.

I've taken the classes and exams at the Goethe Institut. Most of my classmates prefer the Menschen series. I liked both series of books, but I think I prefer Menschen as well.

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