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  5. "식탁은 가운데에 있습니다."

"식탁은 가운데에 있습니다."

Translation:The dining table is in the center.

January 30, 2018



Why putting only "table" is an error? In the very first exercise you said that 식탁 is "table" so why now you want me to say that is "dinner table"


"The table is in the center" accepted 18 Aug 2019.


why is it referred to as a "kitchen table" in earlier exercises when it clearly is "dinner table"


Perhaps because of regional variation in English. To me, a Canadian on the west coast, a kitchen table and a dining table can be the identical table. The only time I would distinguish is because of location or formality. Where a kitchen table is always something regular people would own, a dining table is something a restaurant would own. They could be the identical table physically, but who owns them, where, and how they are used, can matter.

Why do you think it is "clearly" a dining table? Is there a distinction between the two in Korean that is notable? (In case it's not obvious I am legitimately asking a question, if there is a difference I'd like to learn about it.)


I've never seen it referred to as dining table but I've seen a lot of people complain about it.


in the middle is not acceptable?


In "the" center of what?


Is '식탁' a table, a dining table or interchangable based on context ?

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