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Has DuoLingo Stopped the 10-day lingot bonus?

Dear all:

I have recently completed my 750th day streak on DuoLingo (today at 753), and did not receive the expected 75 lingots for completing another 10-day streak. Does anyone know what is going on? I really hope DuoLingo hasn't removed this feature, as I found it very motivating.

January 30, 2018



Some people say that making sure you do each 10 day anniversary on the web and not on a phone app prevents that, but I only know this from hearsay and not from personal knowledge.


I've had no problem here. I didn't get on the website at all yesterday, came on today to see a message from yesterday saying that I got 76 for at 760 day streak. I don't think I've ever missed the 10 day lingots because of the app.


I only do everything through the app. This is the first time that I didn't receive the bonus. Bizarre.


I received my 70 lingots last Monday. It's not very important because the shop is very small and it's hard to spend them. I have 3141 lingots which sleep.


you can try checking tomorrow, I will too and respond if that is the solution


Is there a way to check on these? I do not recall seeing my 360 and 370 days bonuses. I may or may not have gotten them so I wanted to check. However, the list on the web page does not go back that far.

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Click on the yellow bell on the top right of your screen; it'll show the last 5 alerts you received. You get an alert when you get the bonus, though it's possible the alert has already been pushed out by other alert.


I have been getting the 10 day bonus. I only use the website


No, well, I don't think so. Yesterday I reached a 30-day streak and I received my 3 lingots.


I alternate between the app and the website and I think I have been getting them.

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    Wow 753 days. How many Lingots do you have? Do you have a goal? I have 225 and never spend them.


    I have 3490 lingots, but I almost never spend them except on streak freezes now and again. My goal is 1000 days, and then I'll revisit. It was particularly upsetting not to get my bonus for the 750 days, because that was a milestone. Alas. I guess there was a glitch in the system or something, because I still haven't received anything.


    Just received 22. You have to use the web app to get this bonus. Same with levelling up on a language. Works on browser but not in app


    That is not how it has been for me previously, but maybe they're changing things now. I only use the app for my practice.


    in my experience you don't have to use the web app

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    I've been getting them, though I have heard not everyone has.


    Maybe there is some sort of a software glitch?


    After 340, I seem to have been getting them every 20. I do switch back and forth from web to app.


    I stop getting it since day 140 (I think, I loose track of them) and I am on 191 today, I use both apps and websites.


    congratulations LadyVonFabulous, you have achieved your goal 1000 day <3 do you get them now for completing another 10-day streak?

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