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Why is not that the answer?

I have a matching question from a workbook. There is no prior information or context.

First Part

Katharina hat...

Possible Matches

1) eine Ausbildung als Mechatroniker bei Airbus 2) einen Jobs als Kellnerin

Answer key says the second one is the match but what's wrong with the first one?

January 30, 2018



In german you say either say either "Ich habe eine Ausbildung als Mechatroniker" (but not bei, because your Ausbildung is universal and not just for that company). OR Ich habe eine Ausbildung als Mechatroniker bei Airbus gemacht (Perfekt and habe is just an auxillary).


Also a good thought.


Is it maybe because it should be 'Mechatronikerin' ie the female version?


Eine Ausbildung haben is a bit colloquial. Ausbildung is also used as a degree of professional education, but in formally correct German it must be "hat eine Ausbildung gemacht".


2) einen Jobs... isn't Jobs plural?....also, could/should she be a Mechatronikerin ?


Probably because Katerina (female) can't be a Mechatroniker (male), instead she can be a Mechatronikerin (female)


Perhaps it relates to the sense of "hat" in German. I don't think you can "have" Ausbildung but you can have a job. Training (Ausbildung) is a process. Can you have a process? Not sure. The first option seems incomplete to me - I want to finish it off " Katharina hat eine Ausbildung als Mechatroniker bei Airbus GEMACHT" Just a thought.


You can have an Ausbildung. The process of an Ausbildung would be Berufslehre, Ausbildung machen, studieren, etc.

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