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  5. "The water is deep and clear."

"The water is deep and clear."

Translation:Das Wasser ist tief und klar.

January 30, 2018



Couldn't it be translated as 'Das Wasser ist tief und sauber'? Clear water also implies clean. Couldn't it be interchangeble between 'klar' and 'sauber' in this case?


Not interchangable. Both describe different abilities. Clear = you can see through the water. Clean = theres no garbage (or whatever) in the water.

Clear water does not necessary mean clean water. If its infected with bacteria, you might still have clear water but for sure no clean water.


This helped a lot. Thank you.


but in the past lessons there was a sentence "Die Suppe ist klar" so the meaning of the "klar" was "clear" and not "clean"? is that correct?

just because I am asking, that this meaning of "klar" is very weird in this sentence "Die suppe ist klar".

so I am confused.


so the meaning of the "klar" was "clear" and not "clean"? is that correct?

That's right.

The soup is not cloudy, but rather clear: you can see the bottom of the bowl.


For anyone interested, the opposite of klar is trüb, or cloudy. You'll see it used in reference to drinks like beer and apple juice as "naturtrüb."


Very useful, thanks! Saw that so many times on beercans!


Alles klar is translated as All right, based on this, is a more direct translation "All clear"?


All I can think of while learning German are Rammstein references, this sentence for example reminds me of "Tiefe Wasser sind nicht still" from the song Rosenrot. Is it just me?


Me too. Tiefe Brunnen muss man graben Wenn man klares Wasser will


Doesn't das mean "that"?


Das can mean “that”, “this”, or “the”, you just need to look at the context and see which of those seems right.

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