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Free German Language Ebooks


I am sure some of you know about this already, but for those who don't, Amazon has hundreds if not thousands of free German language ebooks. I just downloaded about 10 tonight, lol.

All you have to do is go to Amazon, navigate to the Kindle ebook store, click on Foreign Languages, click on German and then when the list comes up, find the Sort By thingy and sort by price low to high.

This brings up a very long list of free ebooks. I narrowed my search to just children's books because I wanted some easy reading. But you can find all sorts of topics from SciFi, Krimis, Fantasy, Horror...everything!

Most of these books are available elsewhere on the web, but it is nice to have Amazon send the books right to my Kindle rather than me copying books over from my PC.

Viel SpaƟ!


January 30, 2018



A site that I love [LoyalBooks] (http://www.loyalbooks.com/language/German?type=all) ebooks (several formats) and audiobooks, both on certain titles.

The mother of all public domain books sites http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Category:DE_B%C3%BCcherregal

http://zulu-ebooks.com/ Small by interesting selection, pretty interface, easy to use

http://sternchenland.com/ Seems interesting. Check out Karl May, a classic youth (adventure) favorite.

Cons: you actually have to download. Pros: no inscription needed, work for other eReaders.

Never too many books ;p

[deactivated user]

    This is great, thank you so much!

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