"Jeho kůže byla zelená."

Translation:Its skin was green.

January 30, 2018

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Why Its skin and no His skin? His = jeho


his -> jeho = zde irelevantní.

K věci tady je: jeho -> (his, its).

Nebo vy pro střední rod říkáte jen a jen "toho"? Má nové auto, ale toho barva se mi moc nelíbí?


Got it wrong, the suggestion said "His hide was green"... Amused me.


There’s a typo on the solution. It should be ‘it’s’ not ‘it’s’ as it is possessive.


I'm not entirely sure that I understand your comment, but "Its skin was green" is correct. "It's" is a contraction for "it is," which is not what's needed here.


You are entirely right. I had a brain melt there! This course is making me question my English grammar too!


I know that feeling all too well...! :-)


I still don't understand, whose skin is actually green here? I don't see any reference to a thing abd, as said above, jeho means his...


Jeho can mean "its" (as in: belonging to some thing that is grammatically neuter) and it can mean "his" (as in: belonging to some male person or to some thing that is grammatically masculine). In the exercise sentence, we don’t know what has green skin, but (IMO) it’s more likely something like a frog than something like a man. (Not that it matters...)

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