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  5. "Then, his coat"

"Then, his coat"

Translation:Puis son manteau

March 19, 2013



What does this sentence even mean? It's not even a whole sentence.. I find it difficult to translate this way.


There is a lack of punctuation at the end of this sentence. If it read "Puis son manteau?" I would translate it as "And his coat?". As in you and your buddy are being kicked out of a bar, the bouncer throws your hat at you and you shout "And his coat?!" (like "where is his coat" or "what about his coat").

Puis only means "then" in certain contexts. I wouldn't say this is one of them. If "then his coat" was a stand alone sentence I think I'd sooner say "Ensuite son manteau". As in you're listing off things to be packed and someone else is physically doing it. "First put in his shoes...then his hat....then his pants...then his coat."
This is just my take on it. Maybe wait for Sitesurf to verify the possibilities.


Quite right, Hohenems.

  • maybe one possibility: translate "then" to "donc..." or "alors son manteau"

(my turn for a little story) In a restaurant. The waiter is zigzagging between tables. One of the clients folded his coat over the back of his chair. The waiter accidentally spills sauce while passing behind the client. Huge red drops fall everywhere, everything gets stained.... donc son manteau.


Thanks a lot for your input :)

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