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Der, Das or Die?

Ever since I started learning German Iv'e gotten confused with Der, Das and Die if someone could help me with them that would be great!

January 30, 2018


[deactivated user]

    This is one if the idiosyncrasies of German, the three genders. As a rule of thumb try to learn the nouns together with their article... Instead of just "Haus" learn "Das Haus" for instance.


    Auch interressant ist der Gebrauch des Artikels bei deutschen Flüssen: Der Fluss; aber die Elbe, die Weser, die Donau = weiblich Der Rhein, der Neckar, der Main = männlich. Warum? Wer weiss es? Noch viel Spaß beim Lernen!


    Sehr guter Artikel! Vielen Dank Olaf und eine schöne Zeit.


    I'm not really good in German but I'll do my best to explain. Das, der and die are all definite articles. Der is used before masculine nouns such as Mann (Man), Vogel (bird). Die is used before feminine nouns such as Pferd (Horse), Kase (Cheese). Die is also used before plurals (I am not sure if there any special cases for this rule or not) such as Die Mause (the mice). Das is a neutral article, such as Das Buch (the book), Das Madchen (the girl). I hope my answer was somewhat helpful.


    Basically correct, but das Pferd is neutral and der Käse is male. One good hint might be learning new words always with the correct article.


    Das is a neuter article.

    Your examples are all in nominative case. Some of your German words are spelled incorrectly. Der Käse for cheese (not die Kase), die Mäuse for mice (not die Mause), and das Mädchen for girl (not das Madchen).

    [deactivated user]

      Käse is masculine.


      Please, look here in discussion popular

      Die, Der, Das. Which one to use?

      for 8 months ago


      When I first started the German course here, I can affirm that I wasn't able to distinguish the correct use between them at all. And I thought 'Oh my, it's impossible to know!' How am I supposed to predict that? Now I'm not gonna say that I am that absolutely correct all the time. But I can say that basically I got the hang of it. I mean that one can foreseen the most of the time the right choise by taking notice of the word's suffix and other details that can point out it.



      It's pretty much all random and makes no sense whatsoever, your best bet is to just memorize every noun's article. Don't you just love having a thousand unnecessary the's? (I'm terrible at the whole der-die-das thing because I never took it seriously so now I'm forever screwed, yay)


      omg it gets so confusing I'm a lot better now thank god!

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