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What is the fastest and most efficient way to learning German outside of Duo?

Hello everyone, thanks for taking notice of my post. I plan to study in Germany next year(2019) and want to be as fluent in German as possible. I've taken four years of German, but I didn't take it too seriously. To all the German veterans, what do you think is the best way to improve your fluency in German outside/after Duolingo?

Thank you for any help, Peyton

January 30, 2018



I would say a mix of listening to radio, watching shows and/or movies, and conversing in the language. Completely immerse yourself in the language. I also wrote in a journal everyday. It helped me, I live in Germany right now and I get around quite ok. :)

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It depends on the learner: the best way is one that keeps you engaged, but challenged at the same time. Use Duolingo as long as you feel it helps, then start with German material (radio, books, stories, videos).

Here's some:

Try also comics, they're full of expressions and vocabulary easily inferred from the drawings.


Visit the country for an extended period of time, avoid English speakers while there. ;}

That method greatly helped my English (more than years of learning it in school did). =D


If you can't visit the country, try communicating with Germans via social media. I have several German Facebook friends and we chat exclusive in German. It's really helped my German!

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Immerse yourself, I recommend watching sitcoms in your target language. Tons of it... 100 or 200 hours should do the trick. I've done it with English (years ago) and German (just recently) so far, and will do it with French in the future if I have time and good enough reason/motivation for it. I started both German and French here on Duolingo but my French is about 20 times worse than German just because I did other things for my German out of duolingo (mostly watching the TV shows). These days I can watch almost anything in German and have no problems to comprehend, I can also hold a decent conversation myself. Good luck and have fun.

EDIT: If you're interested, here's my older and pretty detailed post on how I aproached learning German: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24437249


You can use a flashcard application like anki or memrise to help increase your vocabulary. Also try to start speaking German, either online or through a local meetup if one is available (Benny Lewis says that speaking a language is the most effective way to learn it).

Another thing I've heard about that could be good to try would be to go 60 minutes without your native language. So for an hour, any movies, books, tv shows, websites, etc. that you look at need to be in your target language. In this case German. The idea is to get you immersion at home, in case you can't afford to travel or you do travel but want more consistent immersion.

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