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Difference between "ye" and "yae"!

I really can't find any difference between the pronunciation of "ye" and "yae". Can anyone help me?

January 30, 2018


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If you're interested in linguistics, 애 is basically /ɛ/, while 에 is between /ɛ/ and /e/, plus it sounds just a bit shorter. For 얘 and 예, you just add a y. You can check the IPA vowel chart, or this video.

But if you just want to learn a language, don't waste your time. Consider them as two identical vowels, even Koreans don't care about distinguishing them anymore.


Thanks for your help :)


Big thank you for this!

Your comment reminded me of the posting that I found extremely useful when I first started learning French! :D


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Oh, that French /ə/ took me a while to learn. My native language has almost no central vowels, so it sounded pretty alien to me.


Well, think one's native language tend to not only help but prevent one from learning a foreign language.at first. Have a Spanish friend by the name of "Jorge" and still have a hard time pronouncing his name properly. It sounds somewhat like 호르케 but not exactly. lol

Being at least bilingual or pseudo multilingual indeed help in setting one free from this kind of natural limitations. :D


“(Y)e”, I was told by a native, is a little deeper in the throat. In recent years I’ve heard the vowels started merging but I still try to pronounce ㅔ deeper than ㅐ.


In IPA such as this list here http://www.koreanwikiproject.com/wiki/index.php?title=IPA, ye's IPA is ye whereas yae's IPA is yɛ. If you go on http://www.ipachart.com/ you can click the e and ɛ to hear the differences between the letters. You can do this for all the other letters as well if you need help distinguishing them from each other. I hope this helps

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