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  5. "Nous vous écoutons."

"Nous vous écoutons."

Translation:We are listening to you.

January 30, 2018



Does anyone know why "We hear you." is an incorrect translation for this?


to listen = écouter
to hear = entendre

We hear you. = Nous vous entendons.


A literal translation is fine, but in English "We hear you" = "We are listening to you" are interchangeable. They have the same meaning. If anything, "We hear you" is more emphatic. The French (i.e. in a restaurant) have a lovely habit of repeating your question/statement in a different way, just to ensure everyone understands each other. This is the same kind of thing.


I am with you on this one. To me the conceptual meaning behind what is said is more important that a literal word for word translation.


Hsve you ever had someone listen to you but not hear what you are saying? They are often not the same.

[deactivated user]

    I agree with daniel

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    i would complain about how overly picky the software is on spelling, especially for the translation into english but it wouldn't do any good.

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    Do you think that spelling matters in a language course?


    I get why "I hear you" (entendre) works,( at least in English) without a preposition, but "I listen you"? Is there a grammatical explanation for this? Merci.


    It's simply a different grammatical construction in French. Conversely, you can ask yourself why we need a preposition with "listen" (to) or "look" (at) in English, where it's not needed with similar sense verbs like "hear", "taste", "smell", "feel", or "see".


    why not 'we are listening to yourselves'?


    "Yourselves" is reflexive. You cannot use it if the subject is not "you".


    "We hear you" should be valid.


    Duo likes the long and unnecessary versions: " we hear you", is short, precise, and means exactly the same thing.


    Can the object come after the verb? Yhat is, coukd one also say "nous écoutons vous"?

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