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  5. "Copiii lor sunt la doctor."

"Copiii lor sunt la doctor."

Translation:Their children are at the physician.

January 30, 2018



Their children are at the doctor's sounds a better translation but was not permitted.


Indeed, still not accepted as of April 2020


August 2020 neither


Shouldn't it be ''the physician's''?


Yes I think it should


Yes if you are going to use the term physician which is sort of correct but not what we would usually say - we would usually say doctor's unless we specifically mean a specialist paediatrician (these along with all medical doctors can be called physicians) in which case we would say paediatrician's, in any case we would say they are at the professional's practice or premises or surgery or clinic - hence the possessive apostrophe. The sentence is a shortened version as common when describing people's places: I'm at Jack's, I'm at the florist's, I'm at the Smiths' or I'm at the butcher's.


What is the difference in Romanian of the words 'doctor' and 'fizician'?

  • 2045
  • fizician = physicist = a scientist specialized in physics

  • doctor = (1) physician / doctor = a professional who practices medicine

  • doctor = (2) PhD = the highest academic degree awarded by universities


Thanks. I'm sure I dar fizician translated as doctor somewhere else in this lesson tho!

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It must have been a mistake that can safely be reported. "fizician" has no other meanings (https://dexonline.ro/definitie/fizician). It's a false friend.


How does one distinguish between 'is at the doctor's' and 'is the doctor'?


is the doctor would be "este medicul" or similar. "La" in Romanian means at the - the noun following does not need to take the definite article ending, therefore. It is not like la in french which is just "the" (female singular).


Doctor and physician are the same thing


Why not "copii"?

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COPIL (singular indefinite) - COPII (plural indefinite)

COPILUL (singular definite) - COPIII (plural definite)

The subject usually uses the definite article if it has no determiner (adjective, etc.) or if the determiner is placed after the subject:

  • Copiii sunt la doctor. Copiii lor sunt la doctor. Copiii bolnavi sunt la doctor.

If the determiner is placed in front of the subject, then the definite article goes on the determiner and the subject remains without an article.

  • Ai lor copii sunt la doctor. Bolnavii copii sunt la doctor.


Of course physician was the only solution in this question, but if there would be a doctor template, I think all of us would select "doctor"! Physician offer such a large possibility that nobody would send their children to a physician without knowing about what he works.


Eeeeee cea mai grea temă


Surely children would be at the paediatricians or the doctors, nor with a physician as a physician deals with medical (as opposed to surgical cases in adults).


but technically all medical practitioners are physicians so it has a general meaning as well, though i agree you are likely to say they are at the paediatrician's or at the doctor's or at the GP's in the UK or at the family physician perhaps in the states (I'm not American but am a physician!)


Agree at the doctors would be both more accurate and correct , though is not accepted

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