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Is a tree 2.0 planned/in the works yet for the Japanese course?

First, congratulations to the Japanese team for bringing us this much-anticipated course!

As I travel down the tree, I've noticed that it's somewhat shorter than most of the other trees on Duolingo, and it's not delivering as much vocabulary as I've expected. Are there plans to expand the tree in the future?

January 30, 2018



If you want to have a decent course until they will fix Duo, use Lingodeer. Way better atm.


Is there a desktop version of lingodeer?


Thanks! I'm doing that (while also putting in some time here), and running into far fewer frustrations there.


Someone is putting time and effort into designing little tasks for members of the Japanese clubs.

For example, you're supposed to respond to this question:


I'm not sure how useful this is, seeing that this uses vocab not taught in the course. I think I'd prefer it if the developers used their time to improve the course instead: at least in my club, hardly anyone does anything, so this seems like a wasted effort.


Those phrases in the course all full of kanji and grammar that's never been taught by Duo.

I once got the phrase asking what music do you like, full kanji. I've never encountered that word in the Duo course, let alone the kanji version.


Yup, exactly. As far as I can see, nobody in my club ever does anything with these phrases. I guess they are useful if you want to stretch your abilities a little (you can paste the tasks into Google Translate or imiwa? or whatever) but still - it's not where I'd put my resources, if I were the Duolingo Japanese team.


I personally would have liked if that sentence also had a direct English translation ready in the same Duo post, just to encourage a little discussion by new and old Japanese learners alike.


I just tried answering an auditory one, for the first time! I typed what I heard into Google Translate (to figure out what the question was) and then typed the answer into Duolingo.

Once you respond, they do provide you with both the written question and a translation. (But, as rizzeau pointed out, they do use kanji they have not taught in the course, so external resources are your friend.)


So far I know, you can't copy/paste it. It was only because I knew the word for "Music" (おんがく / 音楽) that I could translate the phrase.


I can only speak for the iOS app. There, if you tap on the phrase, you get a pop-up "Cancel / Copy text".

Edit: Or not. Does not work for today's phrase which is loaded with unknown kanji. WHYYYYYYYY


You can't copy/paste, but you can take a screenshot, save it as a photo, and load it into Google Translate to get a translation. ;)


It's only in beta now and they have a lot of errors to fix.


They probably need to wait until the course is out of beta before making any major tree adjustments up to N4 or N3 from its current level of N5.


Yes, I believe this is a hard-and-fast technical requirement.


The course is still in beta-testing now, so it's probably around version 0.6 or 0.7, so probably not.

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